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Sep. 8, 2021
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Sep. 8, 2021 ~ Jan. 15, 2022  April 15, 2022
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Jan. 15, 2022  March 10, 2022
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May 10, 2022  May 20, 2022


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Sep. 01, 2021
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Jan. 15, 2022  March. 10, 2022
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Jan. 15, 2022  March. 10, 2022
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April 1, 2022
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April 23, 2022   April 27, 2022
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   April 23, 2022    April 27, 2022
13th AFAF Virtual Forum date
May 31 ~ June 2, 2022

From Dr. Hsi-Chiang Liu and Dr. I Chiu Liao, Taiwan

We are honored and delighted to welcome you all to the 13th AFAF 2022. This is our first virtual conference and we want to thank the organizers for making this happen. The theme of the forum is the 3S principle which stands for Sustainable fisheries, Smart aquaculture, and Splendid future. Uncertainties due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have prevented us from traveling and meeting you all in person. Nevertheless, the technology still makes it possible and provides us with a unique opportunity to hold a dynamic virtual event.

In this virtual conference, keeping with our aims we bring together scientists and experts from different corners of the world to discuss the prevailing trends and future directions for sustainable aquaculture and fisheries. The sessions and topics are chosen to emphasize the theme of the forum and stimulate discussions and participation of all attendees to make this event prolific and valuable.

We are certain that this virtual 13th AFAF will engage in learning from each other and share our experiences. This forum will be an excellent platform for participants to present their new research outcomes, gain international visibility and focus on the future trends and needs for implementing sustainability in the fishery and aquaculture industry.

Finally, we hope the forum will be rewarding and meaningful to all of us as we work towards sustainable aquaculture. Looking forward to meeting you all virtually!!

Dr. Hsi-Chiang Liu, the fourth President of Asian Fisheries Society (AFS)
Dr. I Chiu Liao, the sixth President of Asian Fisheries Society (AFS)

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