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Asian Fisheries Society (AFS)


Founded in 1984 by fishery experts, Asian Fisheries Society (AFS) is a non-profit scientific society based in Asia. The main aim of the society is to build a network of scientists and stakeholders involved in fisheries production, and create awareness of food safety, eco-friendly and sustainable aquaculture practices. The society is proactive in establishing local branches in the Asia-Pacific region to enhance co-operation in addressing fisheries-related issues in specific areas. The AFS actively arranges international conferences and forums to provide an interactive platform for researchers in the fields of fisheries and aquaculture.

The main goals of the AFS are:

  1. To promote effective interactions among Asian fishery and aquaculture scientists and technicians, and to encourage complementary research activities, information sharing and publication of research outcomes
  2. To create awareness of the importance of cultivation, conserving marine resources and utilizing sustainable methods in various countries
  3. To promote the establishment of fishery-related societies at national, local or regional levels, and to seek to organize alliances and cooperation with other societies with similar goals

The AFS achieves to goals by:

  1. Disseminating fishery and aquaculture related research and information using Asian fisheries journals and an e-Newsletter.
  2. Organizing seminars and forums for scientists, technicians and stakeholders on a regular basis to address key issues in fisheries and aquaculture.
  3. Holding conferences, seminars, forums, workshops and other gatherings, to provide opportunities and information to fishery and aquaculture experts, scholars, technicians and interested stakeholders
  4. Focusing on important issues related to fisheries and aquaculture at the regional level.