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e-poster Presentation

  • Presenters are requested to use PowerPoint slides (landscape/ horizontal orientation) to prepare the poster.
    -  File format: JPEG and PDF
    -  Width: 1000px (26.46 cm)
    -  Height: 600px (15.88 cm)
    -  Maximum file size: 3MB
    -  No transparent background
  • The presenters are requested to check the resolution of the poster (JPEG and PDF format) before submission.
  • Please upload your poster (JPEG and PDF format) through the online submission system. Deadline to upload your poster: April 27, 2022. [Please note that if the poster files are NOT uploaded before the deadline, your poster presentation will be rejected and the registration fee will not be refunded.]
  • During the poster session, the presenters have to stand beside their virtual poster board and answer the questions. (Please see the example below for a high-resolution e-poster)
Poster Example :


Instructions to convert a PowerPoint file to JPEG with high resolution:

  1. Convert the PowerPoint file to PDF using the “Print PDF” function instead of the “save as PDF” function.
    1-1. Convert the PDF file to JPEG using the “Smallpdf” online tool: https://smallpdf.com/pdf-to-jpg
  2. To convert a PowerPoint to a JPEG with a High Resolution,

Click here to view the step-by-step tutorial for using the 13th AFAF Gather.Town virtual platform

Gather.town tutorial for 13 AFAF.pdf