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Become a Sponsor of 13th AFAF!!

◆The 13thAFAF conference sponsorship program provides an opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors to share their innovations and technological developments in fisheries and aquaculture with a targeted audience from different parts of the world.

◆Your organization’s support for the 13th AFAF virtual conference will help to encourage participation from researchers and help the forum organizers to provide a high-quality technical platform for discussions. In turn the sponsors and exhibitors will get increased exposure, brand recognition and the opportunity to connect with the fisheries and aquaculture community.

Building long-term relationships, creating engagement!!!

Elite: only 1 opportunity left

Don't worry~

We still have ......

★Premier*A : 5 opportunities

★Premier*B : 5 opportunities

★Diamond : more than 5 opportunities

★Gold: more than 5 opportunities

13th AFAF website: https://13afaf.tw/index.php

AFAF sponsorship details: https://13afaf.tw/index.php?inter=exhibition

Click to see booth samples: shorturl.at/bzORZ

For GT demos & sponsorship queries: z9506007@ncku.edu.tw

13AFAF sponsorship.