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13th AFAF to be hosted on the Gather.town platform

Dear Participants,


We are pleased to inform you that we are in the final process of setting up our 13th AFAF Gather.town platform. We have also made two tutorial videos for helping you all to get familiar with the platform and their functionalities.

[ VERY IMPORTANT ] Create your Gather.town account using the same email address used for registering in the 13th AFAF and you will be allowed to enter the 13th AFAF virtual venues. If you register with another email, you cannot access the 13th AFAF virtual venues. After registration, you can create an avatar of your choice.

Create your Gather.town account: https://www.gather.town/


We encourage all participants and presenters to watch these videos and learn the interesting and user-friendly features of GT. 

Watch the videos using the following links:

To Join GT - Tutorial for 13AFAF



e-Poster, Webex, and exhibition - Tutorial for 13AFAF



Download the step-by-step tutorial for using the 13th AFAF Gather.Town virtual platform:



Thank you all for your support

Looking forward to meeting you all in 13th AFAF.


Please feel free to contact us at 13thafaf@gmail.com for any assistance.


Best Regards

AFAF team