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The conference organizers gratefully acknowledge the generous support provided by the following:

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About Giant Bio

The main products of Giant Bio Technology Inc. are: Prawn B/G and Fish B/G, feed additives for fish and shrimp. Which are made of natural herb antibacterial materials: Herbmedotcin. It can effectively replace antibiotics and enhance the disease resistance of fish and shrimp. It is the best solution for the industry to promote antibiotics-free aquaculture. Our customers are from farm, feed industry, etc. The product has successfully assisted more than 100 farms in Taiwan to achieve the goal of antibiotics-free aquaculture. Next, we will promote the successful experience of this product in Taiwan to Southeast Asia aquaculture markets in various countries. The harvest of aquaculture usually threatened by the issue of environment or disease. The challenges of green farming without dosing or antibiotics-free is decrease farmers’ harvest. Our team uses scientific empirical foundations to assist customers in solving disease problems and obtain high approval from customers. We are based on " Bring health and well-being for all" concept and continue to work hard to achieve more antibiotics-free aquaculture.